Things To Know Before Renting A Photo Studio In London

photo-studioWhile in London, there are numerous reasons for renting a photo studio. Maybe you are doing a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine and need to get the best shots of your cover models. Perhaps you are trying to market an outfit or accessory, and need to get professional shots of the same in a modern studio. Still, it could be that you want to film and record a short video, whether as a demo to a TV station, and so on so forth. Whatever the case, one thing is clear; London has numerous modern and fully equipped Photo Studios for hire. One such example is 69 Drop Studio, which has become an instant sensation with many Londoners looking for an affordable and modern state of the art photo studio. We have worked with hundreds of clients with different photo shoot and filming needs, you too are welcome on board.

So, what exactly do you need to know before renting a photo studio in London?

  • Research keenly; first and foremost you’ll need to research widely and keenly, in order to ensure that you have picked the right studio hire for the job. Some photo studios in London have equipment just for still images and photography, while others include filming and video production. Thus, know what you want, and then research a bit to find the best ideal studio for such.
  • Check out their website; every good photo studio within London should have a website where you are able to check out more on their services, as well as samples of their past tasks. By visiting their site, you’ll be able to check out the equipment that the studio has, their rates, and all the services on offer.
  • Prior visit; before the main day of the photo shoot or filming, it is advisable to make a point of visiting the studio. Doing so will make you acquainted with the premises, the staff and photographers, even help relief any nervousness you may have. At 69 Drop Studio, we are always glad to show you around our modern London studio, and take you through all processes involved while answering all your questions.
  • Be cooperative; always be cooperative with the professionals and those you find at the studio you want to rent. Listen to their input and opinions; they tend to be more experienced and knowledgeable.

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Safety Tips For Women Who Takes Cabs At Late Night

london-cabsYou are from clubbing with your friends and you need to take a cab to get you home or   your hotel. In a tipsy state, you wonder how safe it is to take a cab. Or you might just be late from some appointment or daily routine and find yourself in the middle of the city in the wee hours. If you have ever faced any of the situations described above, you know how scary it can be. Women especially are prone to thug acts and need to take the necessary precaution before taking a cab at night. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind;

  1. Get in a registered cab; there are various ways of identifying a registered cab depending on the country. However, you can identify an official cab if the driver has a uniform and name of the company. The car itself needs to have some form of identification linking it to the company.
  2. The cab should be in good condition; never compromise your safety by hoping into an old looking cab. You do not want to face the risk of the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere at night.
  3. Take a friend with you; most women look susceptible to criminals when they are alone. So it is always advisable to take a friend with you when you are using a cab at night.
  4. Don’t carry valuables; if you know you will be out til late, resist the urge to carry valuables like credit cards, jewelry and cash. Just travel with the amount of money you need for that day.

Using London cabs at night can be a scary thing for women but you can keep yourself protected from danger by employing a third eye. Always be on the lookout.


Departing from York at approximatetly 09:55am, the train picks up at Leeds, Shipley, Keighley, Skipton for the scenic Settle-Carlisle Railway to the border city of Carlisle. Hauled by one of Britain’s most famous steam locomotives kept in the north of England, the steam excursion will have either number 5690 Leander, 850 Lord Nelson or Black Five 45231 at the head. The Settle-Carlisle line is the most famous route in England having being saved from closure 20 years ago. Enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Yorkshire Dales and into Cumbria as we cross over countless viaducts and pass through tunnels along this superb Pennine route built over 130 years ago. The train is operated by the West Coast Railway Co. with co-operation from Kingfisher Railtours.

On departure from the railway city of York, we make a speedy journey towards our first stop at Leeds before entering the Aire Valley for our remaining pick up station. At Hellfield we join the most legendary of rail routes as our engine prepares to do battle with the famous Settle & Carlisle line. You will be enthralled as we head up the lush Eden Valley to Appleby, where the train stops for a short break to take water, this should allow photographic opportunities and the chance to chat with the driver and fireman.  We then depart on the most thrilling portion of the journey as our locomotive does battle with the ‘long drag’ over the roof of England.  With great limestone peaks and deep valleys we travel over no fewer than 19 viaducts and 12 tunnels on this masterpiece of Victorian engineering including the famous Ribblehead Viaduct.  A stop will be made at Appleby en route and then the final leg of our journey takes us to the border city of Carlisle where we will have approximately two hours to enjoy the city’s historical streets, castle, cathedral and other places of interest.

Standard Class – Adult £63, Child £33, Family (two adults and up to three children) £168

First Class – Adult £87, Child £42, Family (two adults and up to three children) £248

First Class Dining – Adult £147, Child £97, Family (two adults and up to three children) £423

The first class dining service is ‘brunch’ on the outward journey and a four course dinner on the return is only available from York or Leeds (not Shipley, Keighley or Skipton).
There is a buffet car for Standard and First Class