Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, spectacular, and talk of the town for years to come. While various factors will determine this, your choice of a wedding venue plays a huge role in making this possible.

Are you looking to do your wedding in London in 2019 and are looking for the perfect venue? A convenient venue in terms of accommodating your friends and family, convenient in terms of accessibility, and convenient in terms of the catering services delivered?

Well, youve come to the right place. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the top wedding venues in 2019. You can never go wrong with these;

  1. Asian-wedding-venueCavendish Banqueting Hall; this is one of the top wedding venues in London. It is a great pick especially if youre doing a Hindu or Asian wedding in London. Cavendish Banqueting pride themselves of offering excellent catering services in style and elegance. They have hosted over 3000 events in their air-conditioned Grand Hall, attended to 10,000 guests plus, and the car park can accommodate over 500 vehicles. Cavendish Banqueting Hall offers more than just a wedding venue; they have invested heavily in making the premises the go-to place for anyone looking to make their special day magnificent and truly special. For more details on the amenities and facilities offered, have a quick look at this.
  1. The Roof Gardens; second on our list is the Roof Gardens, located on Kensington High Street. This is an ideal wedding venue if you’re looking for a civil ceremony with 150 guests or so. The presence of a lovely garden in the middle of the city is refreshing; its also a great place to take photos and videos of your special day. Flower arrangements are offered in three different options, you can opt for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  1. One Canada Square; at the heart of the ever vibrant Canary Wharf, this venue offers a luxurious and memorable experience. The meals are prepared by the famous ex-ivy Chief Chef Jamie Dobbin. Plus the venue has a license to allow your guests to dance the night away until 2 am. The only downside to this venue is that it is available only on Saturdays and Sundays and can only accommodate 72-104 guests.
  1. The Globe; The Globe is a famous London landmark, it kindles Shakespearean memories. Its a great wedding venue if youre looking for an all rounded venue that offers catering, dcor, and entertainment. It can accommodate up to 450 guests.

Clearly, Cavendish Banqueting tops the list of the best London wedding venues in 2019. Its spacious, offers catering, dcor, entertainment, ample parking, sumptuous meals, and so much more. You dont have to be Asian to book the venue; the management welcomes people of all races and background.


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