Wi-Fi extender booster is used to amplify the network coverage area from the router. It enables all the wireless devices around you to connect with the internet. The Wi-Fi extender booster helps to efficiently distribute network in various rooms in the building, home yards, and every other location in the range area.

  • When do you need to fix a Wi-Fi Booster?
  • When there is a lack of Wi-Fi signal in some areas in the home

When you realize some rooms in the house/building have no Wi-Fi signal, it might be caused by an architectural feature preventing Wi-Fi signals to penetrate. These are areas referred to as dead spots or dead zones.

  • Slow Wi-Fi signals in some spots.

These especially happen in story houses. Depending on the location of your Wi-Fi router, let’s say, for example, on the ground floor, you may experience slow speed upstairs.

  • Your desire to increase Wi-Fi speed

Apart from the amplifying networks, Wi-Fi extender boosters can be programmed to increase speeds and other Wi-Fi technologies. For example, an 802. 11ac Wi-Fi booster adds an incredible blazing speed to the network, increasing efficiency, and also allowing the use of more devices.

  • Relocating to a larger home

Having relocated to larger premises may require you to install a Wi-Fi extender booster for network efficiency in the entire building.

  • Outdoor connections

Sometimes you desire to do your online staff outdoors, probably in the garage, at the pool, front yard, or just around the flower garden. Being outside the premises should not deter you from accessing your Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi booster comes in handy to extend the network where you are.

Wi-Fi extender booster

  • Types of Wi-Fi Boosters
  • Wireless Repeaters

These are the first generation signal extenders. Like the name, they re-broadcast the signal received to the dead zone area. Signal quality from received is similar to signal distribution.

  • Wireless range extenders

Wireless range extenders are the ones placed between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zones. The greatest challenge of wireless range extenders is placement. Wrong placement means inadequate network in the dead zones.

  • Wi-Fi network extenders

These are considered as the best, providing reliable high Wi-Fi speed and consistency. It is mostly used for commercial premises and large homes.

Parting shot

Wi-Fi extender booster is a must-have gadget for homes because of the increased use of wireless devices. To maintain efficiency and consistency during the use of these devices in the homes or offices, an excellent reliable booster should be part of the network system.


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